Total Stations from Jobsite ProductsTM include top line manufacturer models from TopCon, the GTS-102N and the GTS-105N.

What's the best in Total Stations?
Total stations save labor and allow you to record volumes of data in-field. Total stations combine the functions of an electronic theodolite with an electronic distance meter (EDM) that reads slope distances. These can be remotely controlled, sometimes with the entire station behaving independent of humans. The best total stations are capable of measuring angles within 0.5 arc-seconds. Some construction grade total stations are accurate enough for most uses; they measure angles within 8 to 10 arc-seconds. Total Stations measure distance through the use of a modulated microwave or infrared signal. This works through a process of measuring an emitted frequency and this is accurate to within 1.5 mm over 1500 meters.

Topcon Construction Total Stations for the Jobsite


These TopCon total stations combine previous generations' ruggedness with a compact design that makes your work easier. Durable and water resistant, with two accuracies to choose from, these feature a 150 mm telescope, an objective lens diameter of 45mm, 30X magnification and many other components ideal for use on any jobsite or stakeout, as a dedicated lay-out and surveying solution. These have measurement ranges of, as follows: a single prism lens ranging up to 6500 feet or 200 meters, and a triple prism lens with a range of 88 feet or 2700 meters.

The system combines with onboard software and extraneous hardware to map out your field by tracking laid out points. Software can be adapted to other needs as well, in packages tailored to the needs of your jobsite. Software can store up to 24,000 data points. These also feature a newly expanded full numeric keypad.

These are ideal as a construction jobsite total station. Total Stations enhance your jobsite, create tangible advancements in site efficiency and improve field productivity. Paired with the streamlined workflow from your specially designed software these Total Stations maximize productivity and delver accurate useful data.


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