TopCon's brand of Total Stations, GPS, and lasers are in wide demand thanks to the quality of the TopCon brand name. All Topcon's construction lasers are known for accuracy, visibility and versatility. Setting concrete forms, checking grade on flat pads, checking depth of footers and trenches, and even providing elevation indication for laser receivers mounted on excavators and backhoes are common applications ideally handled by Topcon products.

Topcon has developed a new field of technology known as optomechatronics, combining elements from advanced optics, electronics, and precision equipment processing to create its wide variety of precision instruments. Topcon products are manufactured to the highest standards of precision, reflecting the very latest technologies. Take a closer look at Topcon's lasers and other jobsite products.

Topcon's selection of construction lasers

General construction lasers are short to medium range (500' to 1000' radius) lasers used for exterior applications.

Topcon slope lasers

Slope lasers are advanced rotating construction lasers while Slope/Machine control lasers use high power infrared or barely visible beam lasers that "broadcast" over long distances (1500' to 2500' or more) at extremely exacting slopes.

interior construction lasers

Interior lasers use visible beams and are used to hang ceiling grids, align and mount floor and ceiling brackets for walls, align studs, level and hang cabinets, and a host of other applications unique to the Interior construction industry. Interior lasers with slope capabilities are used to "rake-in" or match angles in situations where settling or non-90° angles occur. Their visible beams replace the need for cumbersome bubble vials, ceiling string, and chalk lines that can get require time consuming setups. Pipe lasers are required in the pipe laying market. The Topcon BT-63Q rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack works with the rotary lasers.

theodolites by Topcon

Topcon also manufactures high-end Theodolites. All models are compact and lightweight for easy portability and their simple operation provides precise measurement. The Topcon DT-200 Series allows for more than 140 hours of continuous measurement in the angle mode.

Topcon's electronic total stations are the leaders in wireless operation. They can be used for all surveying and construction total station needs. Topcon’s auto levels are widely used in surveying, engineering and construction applications. The AT-B4 automatic level features further enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions while the AT-B4 quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight with its finely tuned magnetic damping system.

Topcon equipment saves time and money on the jobsite. Topcon’s surveying and construction products are extensively used in the world of civil engineering, optical surveying, construction, agriculture, utilities and law enforcement. Topcon develops, designs and manufactures integrated positioning and automation technologies for a wide range of industries.

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