temporary power box

Temporary power boxes offer ideal power generation for any jobsite or construction site. Jobsite Products 20 Volt power boxes ideal for any jobsite. These offer overload-protected and protected-output power ideal for small power tools including your skillsaws, grinders, floor cleaners and more. The Twist Lock T-Box by Jobox gets the job done and powers you to get your own jobs done. The powere supplied by these boxes is equivalent to the regular power supplied in household wiring.

Jobsite products selection of temporary power boxes come with GFCI outlets numbering three or six. The ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protects personnel and jobsite professionals from electrical shock, in a way completely different from fuses. The GFCI in these temporary power boxes by Jobox protect by monitoring the flow of power from hot to neutral, tripped by any imbalance in the circuit. This provides safer protection than you find in regular household fuses which are tripped only by excessive heat in wiring. GFCI is ideal for jobsite temporary power where water and other liquids are present as this mode offers much faster, better protection against electrocution no matter the conditions. Jobsite's Jobox temporary power boxes are priced to compete just like everything here!

temporary power cord

Temporary power adapters include our two foot long STW "Y" adapter that is fine for wet or damp locations. This temp power adapter is made of thermoplastic insulated conductors with an overall thermoplastic water-resistant outer jacket and can be used in temperatures well below freeezing (to -40 Celsius) all the way to extremely high temperatures (140 C).

Temporary power extension cords with water proof boots offer you more power coupled with safety ideal protection for any jobsite.

Generator adapters are also perfect for any construction site or other jobsite as well as marine and RV applications.

All Jobox temporary power is ideal for any construction site or jobsite as well as trade shows, entertainmnet, party rental, conventions and wanywhere else you might need power... but only temporarily.



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