Steel chests offer the best security, protection and storage if they are manufactured from heavy gauge steel. These chests are suitable for site, workshop and home use. Steel chests come in various types and sizes. You can choose a steel chest on the basis of your requirement as there is a wide variety to choose from. Steel chests are available as full or compact size truck boxes or portable tool chests. 

Steel boxes and chests from Jobox provide quality tool storage from the most trusted brand in portable tool storage.  Find our selection of Jobox steel piano boxes and tool storage. Jobox portable utility chests are usually made of 18-gauge steel to provide optimal protection, security and durability.

Some features in steel chests include the following:
• RAIN DRAIN™ system that channels water entering the padlock housing to the box exterior.
• 14-gauge steel continuous hinge with 1/4" steel pin and extra large 1" knuckles for maximum stability and security.
• Strong bottom bolsters offering greater load carrying capacity.

Steel truck boxes by Delta provide durable stainless steel storage for all the tools and equipment you want to store in your truck or van. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust easily. These truck bed boxes will last longer than your vehicle. Most models of truck tool chests have a tapered lower front wall to fit better in trucks with bed liners. Learn more from the product descriptions under steel chests from Delta. Full weather stripping, cam-lock mechanisms and steady lid lock arms are features of most high-quality steel chests.

More features of Delta stainless steel truck boxes
A sliding tray may be provided for small tools. An enamel finish seals corrosion out and adds to the finish. Reinforced bolster on both ends adds strength to the bottom of the chest to prevent damage if dropped. Leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles provide strength, security and easy access. A reinforced heavy-duty lid also adds to the strength of these steel chests. Steel Hopper chests also feature mounting brackets which can be bolted to any flat surface and an internal locking system which allows chest to be removed or locked in place.

Steel locking arms support lid and lock it in the open position to prevent accidental closing.Flat exterior design eliminates exposed angles and improves job safety.

Deep recessed grip rite™ lid channels reinforce lid and provide a convenient grip especially when wet or wearing gloves. You need a versatile and convenient storage solution for your equipment and tools. A high grade steel tool chest protects your tools in a durable unit, while also providing optimal organization of your tools and equipment. Steel tool chests are used in trucks, factories, automobiles, and homes.

Most steel chests are made from 16- or 18-gauge steel construction with fully welded seams and formed edges. Steel chests offer the most value for money and give you the highest level of security and safety.

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