Kraft paper offers jobsite or construction flowing protection against a variety of spills. Our Fiberglass-reinforced Kraft Paper comes in 300 foot rolls. Kraft paper floor protection comes in widths of 36”, 48” or 72” rolls. These are non-adhesive, reinforced and tear-resistant paper, taped down to protect any surface from just about anything! can be taped down to protect virtually any surface.

36 inch rolls are ideal for hallways and corridors and offer versatility.

Larger kraft paper rolls are great for big jobsites and large flooring areas.

Floor protection against a variety of hazards

Kraft paper offers protection against jobsite damage, chemicals, paints, plaster and other construction materials. Reduce cleanup, unnecessary costs, and damage. Protects against some water and weather damage as well. Kraft paper provides much better jobsite floor protection than drop sheets, plastic rolls, tarps, recycled rubber floor covering or other flimsy preparations and solutions.

Kraft paper rolls can be hand applied easily and adheres to a variety of surfaces. Jobsites using kraft paper floor covering shows the client you care. Find our selection of paper rolls below. These are also ideal for any other situation where you require maximum floor protection, including walking areas in trade shows, conventions and any other situation where you might want to reduce cleanup, damage and costs due to these.


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