Piano boxes come in various dimensions for various uses. Piano boxes offer rugged durability, increased storage capacity and customized features for heavy items. The heavy-duty shelves on the back wall are extra strong to hold heavy equipment or tools. The bolt cutter free locking system has a 12-gauge steel housing that protects padlock shackles from cutting tools.

piano boxes all Jobox piano boxes such as the 74 x 31 x 50 box are made of steel and have a security system, caster skid bolster, tilt-and-stow shelves, thick side walls, gas spring lid lift guards and recessed handles for netter usability and convenience. Other sizes available from Jobox include the 60 x 31 x 38. The high capacity 74.5 x 3.5 x 60.25 piano boxes have about 75% more storage capacity. The 3-Point lock engagement of these piano boxes is virtually impossible to bend or pry open. Three locking points versus competitive locking systems that only feature two locking points give enhanced security. A drop-front piano box includes all the same great features of the standard piano box with an added drop-front feature.

These piano boxes have an efficient tapered ramp design and a lockable drop down door. Gas spring door lifts with quick release mounts assist with opening and closing the door. The drop front design of piano boxes provides usable space and the reinforced ramp enables loading and unloading of heavy equipment. The ramp has a stainless steel hinge and locks with padlocks and the door opens a full 90-degrees. The full-length stainless steel hinge resists corrosion and the pad-lockable drop down door prevents access to heavy tools and equipment while the piano box is open. A tapered shape allows for easily rolling of heavy items in and out of the piano box.

The chest can be fork lifted from all four sides to easily move it around the job site or loading on a truck or trailer due to the presence of skid bolsters. 7-Gauge, one-piece steel bolster construction resists damage when dropped. Addition of a Grip-Rite lifting channel provides a full-length gripping surface to open the lid.  In addition, reinforced side and door overlaps at the top and front allow for better security and protection from elements. Recessed lifting handles are located in deep, tall recesses of the piano boxes to prevent accidents and damage to the handle. Also, the fully welded and staked high-strength hinge has 1/4" diameter pin and 1" knuckles. The horseshoe welds prevent the pin from being driven out of the hinge. Two deep side wall storage bins have also been added to these versatile piano boxes.


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