Jobsite tool chests are used for a range of purposes due to their robust security features, heavy-duty hinging and strong body construction. The easy-lift lid edge design increases convenience and the deep handle recesses help to prevent pinched fingers. These tool chests are built rugged and dependable. Extra-tall, 3 3/8" skid bolsters allow the tool box to be raised for trouble-free fork lifting. Fully welded padlock housing and 45 degree locking arms are other attractive features to make these chests easy to use. The three point locking system offers resistance and high security.

Jobsite tool chests
Features of these chests include the The Tilt-N-Stow™ shelf, providing extra storage space for taller, bulkier items when raised. This shelf can support up to 500 lbs. of additional weight when lowered. Full-length steel piano box hinges offer stability and strength. Jobsite tool chests are easy to handle and can be moved around the workplace with ease and comfort.

The recessed cover handle fits into the cover of the box to provide a secure grip without jutting out from the box and interfering with other workflow. This makes the chest easier to ship and stack without damage.

Chests and piano boxes
The 16 gauge steel body and lid provide superior security for tools and equipment. Jobsite tool chests also come in a Slope Lid model that offers fold-away props to support the lid and form a large flat working surface. Jobsite’s tool chests’ several trays and drawers can be pulled out to allow easy storage for tools. All tool chests offer protection from moisture, humidity and rust.

Jobsite tool chests have removable trays with built-in handles for storing smaller tools and parts. The trays are made of strong steel and have a durable design.

These tool chests are known for their affordability and superior design. The security features and storage options are unmatched in quality. Tool chests are beautifully crafted to allow a range of tools to fit perfectly in various slots. A tool chest is similar to a tool box but the difference lies mostly in the size. All Jobsite tool chests are backed by a 1-year warranty. Jobsite is a highly recognized and distinguished name in tool storage solutions today.


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