JobSite's wide range of tool storage equipment offers quality, security, convenience and durability.

Jobsite tool chests feature specialized storage chambers for specific tools. Jobsite's tool chests, larger and more versatile than a mere toolbox, offer welded construction, full length hinges, partitioned compartments, a reinforced lid and heavy duty body for high durability.

There are various trays available for Jobsite tool chests. Jobsite storage chest trays are removable for easy access and they come with a heavy-duty design. Built-in handles are manufactured with 16-gauge steel. Hemmed edges add strength and eliminate sharp edges. The flat exterior design eliminates exposed handles for better safety. Lifting handles are located inside deep, tall recesses to prevent injuries and for protection.

Jobsite piano boxes Piano boxes and Slope lid tool chestslope lid boxes provide heavy duty storage to store even more tools. Like other tool chests, these come with high-strength reinforced lids, heavy-duty hinges and protected padlocks to provide superior security. Strong steel housings protect pad locks from cutting and prying tools. The heavy-duty hinge is welded and staked to prevent the pin from being driven out. A locking arm holds the lid open for greater convenience. Tall bottom bolsters can easily move the chest with a forklift and the bolsters are pre-tapped for optional casters.

The 72" Piano Box model has a heavily reinforced 16-gallon steel construction. Security features include a reinforced door with a bolt cutter free locking system which resists break-ins, a high strength top rail and reinforced door. Two shelves allow for heavy items. 4" storage bins and shelf offer increased storage options. Heavy-duty gas springs are surrounded by a guard to prevent damage while recessed handles prevent injuries. A rain drain system offers protection from the elements.


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