Delta offers a wide and versatile range of crossover boxes to suit many needs. Delta Crossover boxes are broadly classified as:
• Delta Structural Foam Lid Crossovers
• Delta Aluminum Crossovers
• Delta Steel Crossovers

delta crossover boxes

Delta crossover boxes made of structural foam such as the fullsize crossover have a contoured and sculptured design. The tough and durable material has reinforcing ribs and will not sag in harsh environmental conditions. TThe tough and durable material has reinforcing ribs that prevent sagging in harsh environmental conditions. The lids are heavily reinforced and overlap the high-strength body for superior security and moisture protection. High-strength nylon latches hold the lid down tight to resist forced entry. An automotive-style lock cylinder with double-cut key adds to the convenience. Interior reinforcing ribs can be used to hold dividers that prevent the cargo from shifting.

Delta aluminum crossovers have a high-strength body with wide top flanges that resist cargo damage and help protect the lock system. Rugged adjustable strikers adjust vertically and horizontally to keep the lid locked down tight. The large pan bolsters reinforce the beveled edge lids for enhanced rigidity and strength. The self-rising lid adds to the convenience of this crossover box. Delta`s aluminum crossover boxes are available in a full size, compact, single-lid and dual-lid model. Find them listed below.


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