Delta Pro has pickup truck crossovers of various types to suit your need and budget. All Delta Pro crossovers have a locking lid with soft-touch stainless steel paddle handles for greater security. Truck tool boxes by Delta Pro have Posi-Lift gas spring lid lift features. Crossovers from Delta include a variety of super-duty and full-size, mid-size and compact pickup truck crossover boxes and extra wide crossovers.

Look at the features you get in a Delta Pro crossover!
Deep and full size models offer more space for your tools and equipment. Compact crossovers are meant for smaller vehicles and offer good storage in a smaller model. Gull wing models also offer better access to tool and a handy design. The sleek, low-profile models improve the view of the rear of the truck. Mid lid or dual lid crossovers have two lids for better accessibility. Dual Lid crossovers offer improved security because each lid operates independently. It gives access to only one side of the box when a lid is open. Mid lid models have lids 20% longer than gull wing style lids.

The combination of a Gear-Lock system, reinforced lids, and high-strength body resist up to 1,000 pounds of prying force in Delta Pro crossovers. The self-adjusting dual rotary locking system latches and closes for superior security. Self-rising lids resist attempted break-ins better than other models. Heavy-duty guards on single lid models protect the vertical-action gas spring lid lifts and ensure long-term strength. Reinforced body resists cargo damage and protects the lock system. Delta Pro crossovers provide superior security for tools and equipment. Delta Pro's pickup truck tool boxes are deservedly an industry standard!

Our selection of Delta Pro crossovers is listed here!


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