Most truck tool boxes have large storage space with one compartment allowing plenty of room while others contain drawers. The crossover tool box, stretching across the bed of the truck and resting on the bed rails on either side, creates versatile storage. Crossovers that are placed at the top of the truck's bed rails come in single lid or dual lid styles. Single lid toolboxes offer more access and flexibility than most toolbox designs. On the other hand, dual lid crossover toolboxes are equipped with locks on each side.

Dual lid crossovers are available in aluminum, steel, and plastic with a range of features. While the single lid allows you to see all of the contents and access longer tools easily, the dual lids, gull wing lids, and split lids open independently and are more accessible from the side of the truck.

Delta Champion crossovers, listed below, stand with the best crossover boxes on the market.

More types of crossover boxes
Gull wing crossovers are easy to access from either side of your truck and fit compactly in less space. A double lid gull wing crossover toolbox delivers ample tool storage with convenient double-lid access. Crossover toolboxes are also available in a rear-hinge design that combines ultimate security and the popular dual-lid design. Built-in storage bins below each lid and a sliding 4-compartment tray are convenient for small tools and hardware. Gear Lock crossover toolboxes feature self-rising lids with gas spring lifts. The gear-lock rotary lock ratchets tightly for maximum security. Mid-lid toolboxes offer a larger opening than gull wing models for easier access and convenience.

Crossover toolboxes may also feature a tandem latch system that opens both locks at once, from either side of the boxes. Most crossover boxes on the market feature high-strength aluminum and steel box construction. The full weather stripping keeps moisture and humidity away. Leak-proof stainless steel paddle handle locks, adjustable lid strikers and fine finish add to the usability of these dual lid or single lid crossover toolboxes. Mid-Lid crossovers give more access and security than gull-wing toolboxes due to the design. A full-width lock console encases and protects the twin latch mechanisms. The extra wide dual lid toolbox fits larger vehicles and offers ample space for your tools.

It is advisable to take measurements of your truck before fitting any type of toolbox. Crossover boxes give easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools. These are amongst the most popular models of toolboxes available in the market today.


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